Recreation at East Wind

Most of us have no trouble finding time to enjoy the beautiful land we call our home and the friends we share it with. Though we are located in a very rural setting, East Winders find plenty of ways to have fun. We are a diverse group of people with varied hobbies and interests, but one thing we can agree on is that we all like to have a good time.

During the warmer months, many of us take the opportunity to get out in nature by hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming, canoeing, fishing, and exploring caves. East Wind encompasses over 1,000 acres of mostly forested land, which includes numerous hiking trails, caves, jumping cliffs, and a beautiful clear creek. Spending summer days at the creek relaxing with friends, swimming, or sunbathing is a favorite pastime of many East Winders. We share a shed full of camping and recreation equipment and a small fleet of canoes, which are accessible to members at all times.

We spend a good deal of our free time just hanging out and enjoying each others company. We hold parties frequently, and have community-organized celebrations once per month. Many East Winders are fond of live music, drum circles, bonfires, and dancing; so we enjoy these things at most of our parties. Recently, we have been brewing our own wine, beer, and soda for community holidays.

We have a large collection of shared instruments, including electric instruments and a drumset. The electric instruments and music equipment (oddly enough) share a large room with our exercise equipment, which includes weights, a treadmill, a punching bag, etc. East Winders sometimes do yoga together, share massages, practice martial arts, or spin poi. Many East Winders are also interested in creating and sharing art. We have a pottery wheel and kiln, and facilities for woodworking and metal crafts. We have an extensive library, and also pick up books from the nearest city library every two weeks. We have ten desktop computers.

Though most of us spend much of our time on our farm, opportunities to explore the outside world frequently arise. We participate in a labor exchange program with other FEC communities and organize trips to our sister communities (chiefly Sandhill in Missouri, and Twin Oaks and Acorn in Virginia). Many East Winders enjoy traveling and group trips of all sorts are frequently arranged.

For many, East Wind offers an opportunity to meet wonderful people, explore a beautiful wilderness, and pursue and share various personal hobbies and interests.